Simone is a strength, mobility and postural specialist based in South Oxfordshire. He offers one to one sessions for both athletes and non-athletes experiencing pain and discomfort, working on recovery and re-education following injury, or focusing on injury prevention


Using his degree in Sports Sciences and qualifications in postural alignment therapy, physical exercise for cardiac rehabilitation, kinesiology taping, and sports massage, Simone is able to treat his clients holistically and help them achieve their fitness and rehabilitation goals. 

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Our posture can have an incredible impact on how we feel, both in terms of noticeable physical pain and through the disturbed functioning of our body's systems.

Simone uses postural approaches that emphasise the idea of our muscles being linked together like chains. A problem in one area can actually be caused by a problem elsewhere, for example knee, hip and back pain that is caused by problems in the foot such as flat arches.

After a thorough postural analysis you will be offered a personalised package of 1:1 sessions and independent exercises using a mixture of postural methods such as Mézières, Raggi Pancafit, and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS).

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DNS is based on the principles of developmental kinesiology; the basis of normal movement patterning being derived from observations of a healthy developmental baby.


Sports massage is available as an individual session or as part of a postural alignment package


Kinesiology and sports taping is available for both athletes and non - athletes where extra support is needed


Individual fitness training is available for people striving for all variety of goals: weight loss, muscle tone, or performance enhancement.


As a qualified BACPR Phase IV Exercise Instructor, Simone offers 1:1 cardiac rehabilitation sessions to help people improve and maintain fitness after myocardial infarction.


Many people with postural difficulties experience changes in their psychological and mental well being; enduring daily discomfort and pain as well as a reduction in activities that usually make you happy and relaxed can lead to increased stress and associated anxiety and depression.

For some people it is underlying difficulties with stress, holding tension in the body, that create postural misalignment, pain and discomfort.

Simone works alongside HCPC registered Clinical and Sport Psychologist Dr Clare Churchman, who can offer clients an initial assessment and a course of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy to help support their postural sessions.


HCPC registered Clinical and Sport Psychologist Dr Clare Churchman offers workshops, group and 1:1 sessions to help sports performers build mental toughness  with Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT). REBT targets unhealthy negative emotions that can impact performance such as shame, anxiety, guilt and anger. 


REBT isn't just for athletes; its rational philosophy is just as important in daily life. Clare also offers 1:1 sessions to anyone experiencing emotional difficulties and dealing with stress. You don't have to be receiving postural sessions to benefit from these sessions. 



Cannot rate Simone 
highly enough, incredibly
 professional yet 
personable with a method that will 
transform not only your 
body but confidence and well being
- Matthew

Cannot rate Simone 
highly enough, incredibly
 professional yet 
personable with a method that will 
transform not only your 
body but confidence and well being
- Matthew

Simone really knows his stuff, it's hard work but I'm seeing improvements


Had never heard of
Mezieres method till I did
Simone's class, but it 
has been of great benefit
to me 
- Debbie

Had an intense and exhausting Mezieres session working on trigger points in bicep and elbow. Already feeling the benefit. Simone Passeri is amazing and keeps me doing what I love to do.

- Theresa


Sessions held at Saturn Fitness and Wellness , Peachcroft Shopping Centre, Lindsay Drive, Abingdon, OX14 2QA

Tel: 07400 356518

Email: simone.passeri81@gmail.com


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